TRACS User Re-Certification Due Friday March 10th 2023

TRACS User Re-Certification

TRACS User Re-Certification is Due Friday March 10th 2023. Individuals with access to TRACS in HUD’s Secure Systems are assigned access as either a TRACS Coordinator or a TRACS User. Each year, those that are TRACS Coordinators are responsible for recertifying their assigned TRACS Users. The purpose of the annual user recertification is to ensure those individuals with access actually need access to this sensitive information in order to complete their job duties. This annual recertification task is different from EIV User recertification tasks that must also be performed at different frequencies.

Failure to complete the recertification process will remove access to TRACS or iMAX for the User.

Click here for instructions on how to complete this required task.

TRACS External Users – Access/User Recertification/Security Awareness training requirements are located here.