HUD Reinstitutes On-Site MORs

On-Site MORs

On-Site MORs are back! The Office of Asset Management and Portfolio Oversight published a memo in late October 2023 reinstituting the practice of on-site MOR visits as a required component to Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs), effective with MORs scheduled on or after January 1, 2024. HUD’s updated guidance does allow for alternative MOR procedures to be followed in the event state/local laws, health codes, or other health and safety issues at the property prevent or prohibit a PBCA from following the required MOR procedures.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most MORs were conducted in some level of remote capacity for safety reasons. However, HUD is now emphasizing the added value of in-person assessments as a key component to On-Site MORs. Physical visits provide crucial opportunities for reviewers to:

  • Survey and receive feedback from residents
  • Interview site staff in person with regards to their job responsibilities and resources available to them
  • Have live discussions with site staff and provide them with the opportunity to point out what may have inadvertently been overlooked. Clarifications can be presented that might impact content of the review. 
  • Observe real-time property conditions in common areas and units. This enables reviewers to not only verify the owner’s follow-up on REAC inspection deficiencies, but also provides an opportunity for them to independently form an opinion with regards to the property’s physical condition, which may have drastically changed since the last REAC inspection. 

In-person site visits also allow for easier examination of project records and tenant files that are stored in physical files, with less administrative burden placed on the owner to compile those documents for digital review. On-Site MORs may also help to safeguard Personal Identifiable Information (PII) by limiting opportunities for inappropriate disclosure.   

Are you preparing for an upcoming MOR? Don’t let the stress of being audited consume you. Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your hard work and commitment to your resident population during an in-person visit.  

Need help with preparatory tasks? Contact us today to discuss cost-effective ways DeSilva Housing Group can assist you in making your upcoming MOR a positive experience with positive outcomes.