“I wanted to reach out and thank you for everything you do. Your guidance, support and friendship are priceless to every one of us at LHP. You are the calm to our storm.

DeSilva Housing Group arms us with the tools and resources to navigate the day-to-day operations of our agencies, correct and guide us through our mistakes and painstakingly deciphers federal regulation to prepare us for future industry standards.

We officially survived our first MOR. Our Account Executive praised our tenant files for organization and our forms for thoroughness. She told us that we were the best RAD Conversion MOR she has ever completed. No Findings!!

You are what got us here.”


“I want you to know how much your ‘real life scenarios’ help so much. You bring your training to the every day world that managers deal with. Love your candid, honest way of training!”


“Jenny is by far the best in the business!  She breaks everything down so well that even the least experienced leave, feeling empowered!  I feel like David and HOTMA is Goliath … but Jenny is my slingshot! I, personally, feel ready to tackle HOTMA because I have the DeSilva Group in my corner!”


“Jenny teaches with our best interest in mind and gave real scenarios that cause us real struggles. I appreciate that the training wasn’t just textbook notes. It was real!”


“Jenny did an excellent job of keeping the flow of the training moving, keeping our attention to the subject, and providing clear instruction.”


“Jenny delivers the information in a simplified manner. She is also very humorous which makes for a comfortable learning environment.”


“I would highly recommend DeSilva Housing! Jenny has been a great asset to our organization. We have re-written our TSP’s, Resident Handbook’s, Reasonable Accommodations, and many other required items. Jenny is a great trainer; she is a great asset to clarify the “grey” areas of the HUD 4350.3. She has helped with Real Page and unit re-numbering….the list goes on and on!!!! Jenny is a part of our team; we do not look at DeSilva Housing as a 3rd party….in any company you need a consultant to ensure you are 100% on top of every regulation change! I highly recommend her company for anyone in the housing industry. She has tons of experience!”


“Ms. De Silva has a lot of knowledge with several HUD programs. The webinars and live trainings that Ms. De Silva conducts are very informative. Ms. De Silva is very patient and will take the necessary time to explain and makes sure that we understand the process, her handouts are very useful for future reference. She also provides her contact information in case we have a question. My personal experience, when I have a question’s being the EIV or any other questions, she has always made time to make contact with us. Highly recommended.”


“Jenny and Lauren work very hard to ensure my questions are answered and concerns are addressed. They have helped me and my community out during the pandemic and continue to support us where needed.”