Do Tenants Without Vehicles Still Need Assigned Parking Spots?

Do Tenants Without Vehicles Still Need Assigned Parking Spots?

Question: Do tenants without vehicles still need assigned parking spots? If a tenant does not own a vehicle, and no longer drives, does that tenant still have to have an assigned parking spot if the property has assigned parking?


HUD does not have established regulations specific to parking. However, you must ensure consistency and outline the parking rules within your House Rules. (4350.3 Paragraph 6-5.B-1)

One recommendation you might consider, for simplicity, is to assign parking spots to each unit (if you have enough spaces to do this). By having the space assigned to the unit versus an individual that may or may not utilize it for their own vehicle, you still allow for his/her guests to be able to park in that assigned space.

Note: If you charge fees for parking spaces, make sure that is a HUD approved charge that is listed at the bottom left section of the HUD Form 92458 – Rent Schedule that has been executed by the owner and HUD staff.

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