What is Dual Entitlement? Does it Count As Income In HUD Programs?

what is dual entitlement

What is dual entitlement? Does your certification and move-in questionnaire ask about household members receiving a dual entitlement? When asked what that is, do you know the definition? Here is the answer in simplified terms.

Dual entitlement means benefits paid to an individual on behalf of a deceased individual that earned the benefit. (See the Congressional Research Report here.) Do not confuse this with a representative payee. In most cases, this dual entitlement recipient is a person receiving the benefit on behalf of their deceased spouse. In addition, it could also include a child receiving the benefit on behalf of their deceased parent.

Dual Entitlement Counts as income on HUD applications

These benefits DO count as income for the recipient, and will display in the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) Income Detail once the benefit claim ID is entered on the 50059. The benefit claim ID is sometimes the social security number of the deceased person associated with the benefit followed by letters. However, varied formats of these claim numbers are now being used that include both alpha and numeric characters not tied to a social security number.

To learn about Social Security Dual Entitlement and other income sources, and appropriate calculation methodologies to use on HUD Form 50059s, join Jenny DeSilva for her New Manager Series’ training, Fundamentals of Calculating Annual Income for 50059’s. (View our training sessions availability and calendar here.)

During the webinar, the group will review this and other real-world examples that test participant understanding of HUD’s income calculation rules, outlined in Chapter 5 of HUD 4350.3, Rev-1, Change 4. Keeping your staff trained will help you have better client retention, provide more efficient leasing operations, and improved financial viability. Our two hour sessions are engaging and interactive, and focused on individual topics that meet your needs.

Stay Ahead Of The HUD Regulation Curve

It’s vital that an HUD property owner stay compliant with statute changes, and it’s a challenge to stay on top of the rules in this fast-paced environment.

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Jenny Desilva dual entitlement HUDJenny DeSilva is the President and CEO of DeSilva Housing Group. She has over 22 years of experience in affordable housing and is a recognized industry compliance expert, with extensive consulting and training knowledge in HUD’s Multifamily Housing programs. She can help you stay compliant with HUD regulations and keep your occupancy tasks consistent and efficient. Ask us about our classes and webinars, policies and documentation expertise, and HUD compliance training.

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