HUD Residents Have Access to Free Help with Their Tax Returns

HUD Residents Have Access to Free Help with Their Tax Returns

Did you know that HUD residents have access to free help with their tax returns? Filing income tax returns can be time consuming and stressful for anyone – including the residents we serve. HUD is urging owners/agents in the Multifamily Housing Programs to inform their residents about a free online tax tool, Not only can the IRS-certified volunteers assist with preparing and filing 2021 taxes and future years, but they can also assist with state and federal taxes for years 2018, 2019, and 2020 for residents that may have fallen behind with their returns.

Using the free services available to them at GetYourRefund helps ensure your residents not only file on time, but also helps ensure they receive the necessary credits and deductions they are entitled to via their return. These volunteers can help them navigate the Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and any other credits that are NOT classified as income. The volunteers can also help residents understand any unique rules that may apply to asset distributions as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

We encourage all owners and agents to take a proactive stance in making sure the households we serve are aware of the free assistance that is available to them. If you have community space with computers, you can allocate space and computers to assist residents with filing their returns online. You can hang informational flyers about this resource in your common areas. It’s helpful include it in any outgoing newsletters to residents too.

Be sure to include this in the list of outside services. Furthermore, make sure residents know the next time you have a HUD Management and Occupancy Review. These efforts by owners to go above and beyond do not go unnoticed to MOR reviewers. Besides that, it’s a service you are helping to provide to your community.

Free Access to Tax Return Help For HUD Residents – Make Your Residents Aware.

Be the owner “caught doing something good!!” Make sure your tenants and residents are aware that HUD residents have access to free help with their tax returns.

Jenny DeSilva is the President and CEO of DeSilva Housing Group. She has over 22 years of experience in affordable housing and is a recognized industry compliance expert. DeSilva’s expertise is in extensive consulting and training knowledge in HUD’s Multifamily Housing programs.

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