At what point is hoarding considered bad enough for an eviction?

When Is Hoarding considered Bad Enough For An Eviction

It is an important question that property owners have: At what point is hoarding considered bad enough for an eviction? If pest control can’t properly treat the apartment or if a foul smell is so bad you can’t remain in the apartment, is it reason enough for eviction if you have repeatedly asked them to clean up?

When Is Hoarding considered Bad Enough For An Eviction:

These are delicate situations that present challenges for onsite staff. You are tasked with striking a balance between compassion and compliance. You are responsible for maintaining your owner’s asset – the property and cannot assume responsibility for managing a tenant’s ability to adhere to the lease (either independently or with assistance). (4350.3 Paragraph 8-12.B)

When hoarding results in blocked emergency exits from the unit, infestation, fire hazards, or other conditions that are not safe, decent, or sanitary, you must document this as a lease violation. Within that lease infraction notice, you must give the household an opportunity to cure the violation and then undergo a reinspection. If this is not the first violation, you must follow your policies related to repeat violations leading to proposed terminations outlined in your House Rules.

Concurrent with these steps, you can also offer to reach out to local social services agencies (such as Adult Protective Services) that may be able to assist the household directly.

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