Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans


You must review your property’s HUD Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP, Form HUD-935.2A) every five years. If your property’s community demographics, marketing methods or ownership/managing entities have changed, your plan must be revised. These revisions require owners to gather census information, pinpoint specific advertising methods and provide proof of applicable Fair Housing training to gain approval.

Our team can prepare and submit the AFHMP plan to your local HUD Office for you! Or, we can simply assist your staff with the demographic research and marketing assessment.

$1,400/Per Address 

Property Specific

DHG wants to ensure you are making a necessary purchase. Prior to completing your purchase of the AFHMP product, please confirm that your property has undergone one of the following events that necessitates this purchase pursuant to HUD’s Memorandum dated September 22, 2014: Clarification on AFMHP Review and Approval Guidance:

  • This is a request for an initial AFHMP for a new project or project new to HUD Multifamily assistance (this includes PBRA RAD Conversions).
  • The subject property has recently sold to a new owner that needs to submit a AFHMP under their name, as the prior owner is no longer involved. The buyer confirms that he/she/they did not submit a letter of intent to assume the existing AFHMP.
  • The subject property has recently undergone a change in 3rd party management and needs to submit an AFHMP listing the new HUD approved management agent. The prior management agent no longer manages the property’s outreach efforts.
  • The owner has performed a 5-year review and determined, through an analysis, that there is a target group current outreach efforts are not successfully reaching.
  • The owner has performed a 5-year review and determined that advertising methods or frequencies listed on the current plan have stopped, are no longer financially feasible, or are not producing expected results. Thus, they need modification or expansion to be effective.
  • The owner wants to adopt or modify a residency preference.

If you determine you do not meet one of the qualifying events to necessitate a new AFHMP being submitted, be sure to document your 5-year review of your existing plan for applicability.