Calculating Annual Income from 50059

Resolution Secrets for EIV Income Discrepancies

This is our most requested training session- in part because EIV income discrepancies challenge many in the industry. To accurately resolve discrepancies, you must be able to
interpret the EIV Income Detail Report and the EIV Income Discrepancy Report. This session will teach participants what types of income EIV does and does not recognize. Next, we
will explore the fundamentals of income discrepancies to uncover what triggers a discrepancy and how did EIV calculate the discrepancy amount? Why is the Period of Income (POI) so historical? How do I assess if the discrepancy is valid or not? By the end of this interactive class, you will have answers to these questions and will be able to confidently dissect and
resolve income discrepancies with ease. Two hours in this class will save your hours of frustration down the road.


Jan 19 2023


11:30 am - 1:00 pm


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